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Be connected to a world of potential students across our global platforms with promotion in 46 languages. 

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student recruitmentReach 6 million students every month 

A New Era of Student Recruitment 

Universities and schools have traditionally utilized the power of reputation, word of mouth and strong professional networks in order to attract new students. However, increased student mobility and globalization of education has changed the nature of student recruitment, meaning traditional methods are no longer sufficient on their own.

To truly compete in a global world, institutions must now incorporate digital activity as a standard part of their marketing and recruitment strategy. For a university wanting to truly go global, having an online presence is essential.

Creating a strong online presence that is visible on an international scale can be challenging, especially when many educators face increasing budget and funding pressures restricting their potential to effectively market their programs.

Whether you wish to promote your courses and programs on a local, regional, or international basis, Keystone offers a variety of solutions designed to make global online promotion easy. 

Marketing to Digital Natives 

Today’s student spends a significant proportion of their day consuming digital media, whether surfing the internet on a mobile device or computer. As a result, the internet and online search has become a powerful tool used by potential students seeking and researching study options (as well as for their parents).

In order to successfully reach these students, digital marketing has now become vital for universities during the marketing and recruitment process. Educators must incorporate digital marketing into their marketing budget and ensure students can find their programs online, or risk being missed by the student entirely. 

Keystone Academic Solutions provides marketing services that are designed to make your programs visible to students from wherever they are located in the world, and accessible no matter what language the student is using. With optimization in 46+ languages across global search engines, Keystone will connect your institution directly to students.

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At Keystone, our mission is to empower schools of all sizes and budgets to reach their desired marketing and recruitment goals.

Whether you want to reach more students, hit a specific target market, or increase efficiency by automating your marketing efforts, Keystone is ready for the challenge!

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Agences marketing pour l'enseignement supérieur

Higher education marketing has exploded in recent years, and with the growing need to use effective marketing strategies in higher education comes a seemingly endless stream of firms and agencies offering marketing services to universities and schools. Higher education marketing firms should be the ideal way to maximize the potential of your school’s marketing capabilities, but with so many to choose from selecting a firm that will meet all your needs, fulfill your goals, and fit your budget can be as daunting as marketing without assistance.

The need to recruit diverse and qualified students also means that universities and schools around the world must commit more time and resources to marketing their institutions to students, both domestic and international. And because higher education is a service industry, establishing and maintaining a relevant and reputable brand relies on a variety of factors. Furthermore, because these institutions often act as an umbrella for a wide array of semi-autonomous and loosely affiliated faculties, departments, interests, and individuals, it can be difficult to clearly market the entirety of a university or school with one single strategy.

In many cases, individual departments aim to develop marketing strategies that are relevant and productive within the context of their own goals. Or a university's overarching marketing concept becomes diluted when interpreted across the array of faculties. When universities and schools are faced with such complex marketing challenges, higher education marketing firms can offer the structure and organization needed to manage conflicting demands, and Keystone Academic Solutions provides marketing firms with the necessary insight and tools to develop successful marketing strategies.

Keystone’s global team are international student marketing specialists with more than a decade in the field. Our goal is to provide innovative and practical solutions for higher education institutions and agencies. We custom-build marketing tools using real, relevant data and develop strategies that apply directly to your needs.

Keystone Academic Solutions offers a wide range of full-service marketing tools for schools of all sizes and we work directly with marketing agencies to implement solutions. Exclusive services like Traffic Booster ensures that programs reach students with relevant interests, and our made-to-order Highlights boost exposure of specific programs or departments with custom content. We listen to your needs and adapt to changes in your goals and circumstances. Our searchable database is designed to attract organic searches from highly qualified students, which means that only the most promising enquiries reach admissions office where they convert from prospective students to successful graduates. And if the potential of trusted non-branded search results isn’t enough, our skilled marketing team knows what resonates with modern students. We understand that twenty-first-century students look for value and individual attention. With that in mind, Keystone’s marketing tools employ a combination of insightful strategy and creative content to ensure that students have a positive engagement from their first click through to when they arrive on campus.


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Agences pour l'enseignement supérieur

Alongside traditional academic structures and instructional methods, many institutions now offer extensive online and distance-learning opportunities. Online degree and certification programs have moved beyond an emerging market to become one of the most popular and lucrative higher education sectors. And on the other side of the spectrum, increased student mobility and the emphasis on international experience as a crucial part of higher education means that foundation, preparatory and pathway programs have become an essential feature of globally-minded higher education institutions around the world.

Like traditional on-campus offerings, online and pathway programs are aimed at specific student groups and require custom marketing strategies to ensure that the right students find the right programs. While online programs are often marketed to non-traditional students looking to complete a degree or develop professional skills, pathway programs seek to identify and enroll international students at the earliest point in their higher education plans, often before these students have completed secondary education. 

To further complicate the issue, many online and pathway programs are designed and operated by program management providers, who work in conjunction with campus-based institutions to provide targeted services for specific student demographics. These new online and pathway programs provide ideal academic solutions for students, but the collaboration of brick-and-mortar institutions and online program management agencies brings new challenges to the student recruitment and marketing sector, and both program management agencies and schools can benefit from specialized services.

At Keystone Academic Solutions our higher education marketing specialists consult with program management providers and schools to develop marketing solutions that cater to the specific needs of many institutions and departments simultaneously. Keystone's multilingual services make it simple to establish a university or program’s brand across the global market and our exclusive Geo Targeting and Lingua services allow you to focus your marketing and recruitment strategies within ideal geographic and demographic areas. Our recommendations for media campaigns and marketing strategies have the combined expertise of our international team of marketing advisors, and with more than a decade in higher education digital marketing, Keystone can offer the best conversion rates and most accurate lead generation in the industry.

Since 2002, Keystone Academic Solutions has been a leader in the global higher education marketing sector. Schools and programs featured in our listings receive the most qualified enquiries because they appear in organic search results, and Keystone's custom-built marketing packages fit institutions and education providers of all sizes. Whether you want to increase exposure of a handful of programs or need to establish the brands of dozens of schools, Keystone provides the tools and knowledge to solve your marketing needs.


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Email Marketing Campaigns

Digital strategies have become a standard in higher education marketing. Universities and institutions around the world report that they are now devoting much if not the majority of their marketing resources to online and digital solutions. In fact, the shift towards digital marketing is one of the most consistent trends in the higher education sector. Digital marketing offers a wealth of mediums for outreach. Institutional websites are now requisite for connecting with and serving students, both prospective and active, and many colleges and universities are engaging with social media as a means of reaching students on their own terms.

A dynamic online presence, as well as user-friendly interfaces and relevant promotions are essential to creating a positive, responsive brand statement for higher education. Alongside well-developed institutional websites, email marketing is one of the most effective higher education marketing strategies. Email has completely disrupted traditional postal-based marketing tools within the higher education sector. And while social media is a dominant medium of communication for most millennials, modern students still rely on and trust email for formal correspondence with universities and schools.

Email marketing can be a valuable tool for brand identity and student recruitment. Successful higher education email marketing campaigns are built on well-established goals that present a clear, engaging message. It sounds straightforward, but email marketing campaigns can be difficult to coordinate and optimize, with cumbersome but essential tasks like identifying recipients, constructing an email list, and facilitating distribution consuming time and effort. And once a school has launched an email campaign, analyzing results and answering responses becomes an additional challenge.

In addition to promoting your brand through organic search results, Keystone Academic Solutions offers a robust email marketing service that allows you to target specific demographics using our extensive student database. Direct Email Marketing from Keystone streamlines your digital campaigns, making it easy to engage with qualified students at home and around the world. Our in-depth analysis tools let you see real-time statistics about the success of your campaign, and Direct Email Marketing allows you to decide when and how you respond to enquiries. Because we take the hassle out of digital campaigns, Direct Email Marketing with Keystone gives you the time to develop creative engagements that produce results.


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Services de marketing et d'inscription pour l'enseignement supérieur

Le marketing est essentiel au développement des établissements d'enseignement supérieur. Indépendamment de leur taille, prestige ou emplacement, les universités et les établissements d'enseignement supérieur souhaitent attirer et retenir les meilleurs candidats, et toute inscription réussie commence par une bonne stratégie marketing. Le marketing pour l'enseignement supérieur vous aide à établir une identité de marque spécifique qui permettra aux étudiants les plus adaptés d'identifier votre établissement d'enseignement supérieur et de communiquer avec vous, ce qui augmente les chances qu'ils s'inscrivent et obtiennent ensuite leur diplôme.

La réussite des étudiants est l'outil marketing le plus précieux d'une université, mais les écoles ne devraient pas compter uniquement sur le parcours de leurs meilleurs anciens élèves pour leur marketing. Les segments démographiques des étudiants universitaires évoluent rapidement et le marketing pour l'enseignement supérieur se doit d'être réactif et au fait des tendances actuelles. Pour ce faire, vous devez pouvoir compter sur une connaissance experte du secteur.

Keystone Academic Solutions figure parmi les leaders mondiaux des services de marketing pour l'enseignement supérieur. Nos spécialistes marketing offrent à votre établissement plus de dix ans d'expérience en stratégies de marketing numérique et élaborent un plan marketing personnalisé pour votre école. Keystone vous aide à identifier les marchés des étudiants potentiels où votre université pourra trouver les meilleurs candidats. Grâce à nos outils marketing intuitifs, vous pouvez créer des campagnes marketing attrayantes qui peuvent attirer les bons étudiants vers vos programmes.

Plus encore, Keystone travaille avec vous. Nos conseillers sont capables d'anticiper l'évolution des tendances en matière de marketing et d'inscription d'étudiants, ce qui vous permet d'être à la pointe du marketing et du recrutement et de renforcer votre exposition dans les régions pertinentes. Les écoles misant sur Keystone attirent le plus grand nombre de demandes provenant d'étudiants admissibles grâce à notre utilisation des résultats de recherche non axés sur la marque. Les étudiants font confiance à nos services car ils correspondent à leurs besoins et à leurs intérêts, il en résulte que les étudiants qui contactent votre bureau des admissions sont déjà prêts à s'inscrire. Les services marketing de Keystone peuvent être adaptés en fonction de n'importe quel établissement et de n'importe quel budget, et nos outils marketing flexibles vous permettent de contrôler la direction de vos campagnes. Que vous vouliez explorer un nouveau marché géographique, cibler des groupes linguistiques spécifiques ou contacter directement des étudiants au sujet de leurs intérêts universitaires, Keystone a les services marketing qu'il vous faut.


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Logiciel marketing pour le recrutement d'étudiants dans l'enseignement supérieur

Le domaine de l'enseignement supérieur apporte des défis uniques aux marketeurs. Alors que les établissements d'enseignement supérieur et les universités indiquent que certaines techniques de marketing traditionnelles, comme les journées portes ouvertes, restent efficaces pour attirer et recruter des étudiants, selon la plupart des établissements d'enseignement supérieur, les stratégies de marketing numérique sont devenues le meilleur moyen de toucher leurs futurs étudiants. Même les événements marketing traditionnels ont besoin de publicité, ce qui signifie que même les approches analogiques requièrent des outils numériques et en ligne pour maximiser l'exposition et les résultats.

La majorité des établissements d'enseignement supérieur ayant recours à au moins une forme de communication numérique pour promouvoir leurs programmes et leur marque, un logiciel de marketing pour l'enseignement supérieur est un outil essentiel pour la publicité des universités du monde moderne. Les écoles et les universités ont besoin d'un logiciel marketing qui répond aux exigences uniques des stratégies publicitaires pour l'enseignement supérieur.

En collaborant avec Keystone Academic Solutions pour votre école ou votre département, vous bénéficiez d'un accès à un logiciel intuitif et puissant qui vous permet d'identifier et de cibler les étudiants les plus susceptibles de s'inscrire dans votre établissement. Notre SmartHub sur mesure contient tous les outils dont vous aurez besoin pour créer des campagnes marketing efficaces et dynamiques reposant sur votre segment démographique cible. Grâce à Keystone, vous pouvez concentrer vos stratégies marketing sur certains groupes d'âge, régions géographiques et intérêts en matière de recherche, et suivre leurs performances en temps réel.

Votre logiciel marketing personnalisé de Keystone Academic Solutions vous fournit toutes les solutions qu'il vous faut et s'intègre facilement aux éventuels systèmes ou plateformes logicielles que vous utilisez déjà. Les solutions logicielles de Keystone vous donnent le contrôle ; vous avez en main l'avenir de votre marketing.


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Marketing numérique pour l'enseignement supérieur en 2019

Digital marketing has taken the world by storm, and the higher education sector is no exception. Most universities and institutions now report that they are using digital marketing in some capacity to engage with students and reach potential applicants. And increasingly, higher education providers are reporting high levels of success from their digital marketing campaigns. But digital marketing is constantly evolving and modern students are more aware of online marketing techniques, making them more difficult to engage. Most school marketing departments understand that digital marketing techniques need to be user-friendly and easily accessible on both smartphones and computers, but which marketing strategies give the best results?

The short answer is that they all do. One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing, and the key to its success, is that marketing through digital mediums allows for personalization and creativity on a scale never before imagined. With digital marketing, you can react and respond to emerging trends and engage with students directly. But with so many digital marketing tools to choose from, it can be difficult to identify the most relevant approaches for your individual needs, leaving university marketing professionals frustrated by a surplus of options. That’s where Keystone Academic Solution’s experience can make your digital marketing frustrations disappear.

Keystone Academic Solutions has been using digital strategies to market to students since 2002. Students trust our content to be informative and relevant, because they find schools listed on our site organically, through non-branded search results. Modern students are less responsive to traditional marketing techniques, but still expect their prospective schools to reach out to them through digital media. Keystone offers all the tools you need to engage with the students you want to enroll. In addition to appearing at the top of students organic search results, Keystone offers you access to the most effective digital marketing products and strategies. We utilize email marketing, social media, high-quality original content, SEO and data analysis to bring the most qualified students directly to your programs. Our custom-built school profiles and program pages are designed to engage students on a personal level, and our carefully crafted content leverages your brand so that you have the most visibility in all the right areas.


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Campagnes marketing pour l'enseignement supérieur

Le marketing est une partie intégrante du domaine de l'enseignement supérieur, et l'objectif principal du marketing pour l'enseignement supérieur est d'améliorer et de diversifier l'ensemble des étudiants de l'établissement. Pour atteindre cet objectif, les universités doivent attirer et retenir les étudiants les plus prometteurs et ces étudiants ont besoin d'informations qui les aideront à trouver l'école qui leur convient. Toutefois, les méthodes et l'étendue du marketing pour l'enseignement supérieur ont radicalement changé ces dernières années.

Autrefois le pilier du marketing pour l'enseignement supérieur, les stratégies marketing traditionnelles sont de plus en plus délaissées. Les établissements d'enseignement supérieur trouvent que les méthodes autrefois fiables, telles que les publicités radio et télé, les campagnes postales et les recommandations des anciens élèves sont moins efficaces et plus onéreuses que les techniques de marketing numérique plus modernes. La plupart des établissements d'enseignement supérieur indiquent ainsi avoir principalement recours à des stratégies numériques et en ligne pour établir leur marque et attirer leurs futurs étudiants.

L'avènement des réseaux sociaux comme des plateformes de marketing et de communication représente une autre révolution dans le domaine du marketing pour l'enseignement supérieur. Qu'ils aient 17 ou 70 ans, les étudiants du monde moderne sont plus connectés que jamais. Les réseaux sociaux, emails, blogs et vidéos numériques sont autant de canaux aux performances croissantes pour le marketing universitaire. Pour donner une forte présence à leur marque, les universités doivent recourir à des ressources numériques captivantes et conviviales qui attirent les étudiants et leur fournissent des informations pertinentes et fiables afin de les mettre en relation avec l'école qui leur correspond le mieux.

Keystone Academic Solutions fournit à votre établissement une plateforme sur mesure à partir de laquelle vous pouvez lancer ou développer l'identité de votre marque. Les étudiants trouvent les écoles et les établissements répertoriés sur les sites web multilingues de Keystone à travers les résultats de recherches organiques. Les services de Keystone ne se limitent toutefois pas à nos catalogues interactifs de programmes et de profils. Nous tirons profit de notre expérience en marketing pour l'enseignement supérieur dans le but de vous aider à établir et développer le profil de la marque de votre école au moyen d'outils marketing individualisés répondant spécifiquement à vos objectifs. Grâce à Lingua, les écoles souhaitant élargir leurs effectifs d'étudiants étrangers peuvent cibler des segments démographiques parlant une langue spécifique et ainsi maximiser la présence de leur marque dans certains pays et régions. Notre Traffic Booster veille à ce que vos programmes disposent de la meilleure visibilité, alors que Geo Targeting vous assure d'être remarqué dans les marchés ciblés.

Keystone peut également vous aider à mettre en place des expériences créatives qui permettent aux étudiants d'établir un contact personnel avec votre école. Depuis 2002, les étudiants font confiance aux informations authentiques de Keystone sur les établissements d'enseignement supérieur. Notre présence établie sur les réseaux sociaux permet également aux écoles et aux programmes mis en avant de profiter d'une exposition maximale aux emplacements clés. En faisant le choix de Keystone pour vos campagnes marketing, vous recevrez des demandes des étudiants les plus prometteurs qui produiront les résultats escomptés.


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